Sunday, November 17, 2013

Photo Gift Ideas To Brighten Up The Celebration

Gifts are given on many occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and holidays. The best and most memorable photo gift ideas should mean something to both the giver and the recipient. It is difficult to get more personal than by incorporating a photo into a gift.


Some individuals, especially those who have little space to spare or who wish to downsize, prefer keepsake photos in digital form. The gift giver can choose from those photographs depicting a special event, celebration or time. Using software designed for the purpose, captions can be added and the photos put into a slide show. Depending upon the preference of the recipient, this photo gift can be sent as a link, an attachment or given on a flash drive or SD card to be enjoyed forever.

Special Frame

First, choose a special photo to frame. For this photo gift, it is the matting that provides that extra something. Next, buy a frame and remove the matting. If there is no matting, buy or make your own out of card stock so the mat frames the picture and offers at least an inch or more all around the photo. Decorate the mat appropriate to the occasion, using crayons, markers or paint. If a shadow box is used, add ribbon and miniature decorative items such as a little cake for a birthday. This framed photo becomes a keepsake for the recipient.


Individuals have made photo albums ever since the beginning of photography. Instead of simply buying a ready-made photo album, the gift giver can create a personalized album from a three-ringed notebook with inserts that allow for pictures, decorations and captions. Add poems or stories about the events depicted and create a one-of-a-kind album that not only the recipient, but also future generations will cherish.

Photo Array

The gift giver chooses a series of related pictures. For example a daughter chooses photos of her children as a gift for her parents or grandparents. She chooses frames with similar textures, color or patterns so they work together as a unit, even if the frames are not all the same size. A photo array can be placed on the wall of the living room or arrayed on a shelf or piano. The key to the gift is that there is a thread that ties the pictures together.


Kids love to give gifts. They enjoy making gifts to give that special family member or friend. Parents or other adults, even older siblings, can help younger children create gifts using photographs. To display a school picture with a special frame, take two paper plates and paste the picture in the center of one of them. Cut a hole from the other so when the second plate is place on the first, it becomes a frame. Provide markers, crayons and glitter for decoration. Add name and date and, maybe, the name of the recipient of the gift to the frame. The child can punch a hole in the top and thread in a 12 inch piece of yarn or ribbon so the unique photo gift can be hung up. This is just one variation on photo gift ideas that can be used with children.

Pillar Candles

Many people burn candles in their homes. Make a pillar candle special by gluing a picture to the candle. From card stock, cut out a suitable frame and glue it around the picture and then decorate it with glitter and ribbon.

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