Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I Appreciate Art Just Fine - Why Must I Take This Class to Graduate?

Not so long ago an acquaintance lamented that my nonprofit endeavors were nice, but I lacked interest in the arts. Well, I was certainly taken aback, mostly because it isn't so, however I can see where someone might get that opinion from my public profile. Maybe this is a wake-up call to me and to others to allow some of those interests a space of their own so folks do not misinterpret a personal character void if you well.

Indeed, I am not sure what the case is with you, but I now see where I may have erred in my public profile, maybe you can learn from this too? You see, although, I have not publicly noted my artistic side, I am one with the artistic universe, as it is very much part of the human endeavor. Actually, I do write about such things often enough - daily - and I am a rather harsh critic, it takes a lot to impress me and I find the arts often over marketed and leaving me underwhelmed, perhaps due to my own artistic abilities as a baseline for my judgment, I am guessing.

When stating this, my acquaintance had suggested that I don't have the Western literature noted either. Okay, still, maybe that is because I think I find Western cultural literature, philosophy and so on a bit jaded due to the religious belief systems which permeated those past periods, and as a writer, and having lived life to the fullest, I am not as easily moved by their embedded messages or worldly observations, or the stories. I've already lived it and my imagination is just as vivid - again a harsh critic.

So, is nothing good enough for me you are thinking? No, it's not like that really, but I do expect excellence and hold art, science, academia, and leadership to a higher bar, how else can we improve all that is, or improve upon the greatest nation ever created in all of human history - it's not good enough, yet.

Lastly, I'd say that the best art speaks for itself without the fanfare, road show, and publicity blitz - so, all the stars, artists, musicians, and name dropping is just humans acting out - not a bit of it impresses me, only their abilities, some have it, some fake it, and some make it eventually due to one of the former. I care not to pay to see any of it unless it is worthy of the performance. If the emperor isn't wearing any clothes, it doesn't fool me, even if the illusion is part of the art itself. See that point? What say you?

If you do care to opine, shoot me an email and let's talk. Until then please consider all this and think on it, and I guess you can tell from this article that I never thought it was fair in college to make take that Art Appreciation class as a perquisite, I mean I appreciate art just fine, but don't shove it down my throat, especially when it isn't up to the quality I'd demand to Google+ it.

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